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opposite of december
26 March 2013 @ 04:11 pm
Not sure why I'm posting... Maybe its just because I dont want that last entry to be my final entry.... Lifes a roller coaster ride.... I guess you get what you give.
opposite of december
19 May 2009 @ 07:55 pm
That was short lived...My sister was just what everyone thought she was. Just after what I could do for her, and to mooch off of me. They lived here briefly. Long enough for him to explode because he had no weed, and no money to buy it with. Long enough to get a church to pay for them a hotel for 7 day, raise enough hell in the hotel to get kicked out, then be living in their car because they couldnt come back here. And just long enough for her husband to call me and Jeff "redneck mountain goat fuckers," because we I had to work Friday and couldnt jump and do exactly what they wanted me to, when they wanted me to.

Its no surprise, and I really was having a hard time trying to take care, and feed 11 people.Sometimes I think I just try to hard...

I knew they weren't worth my time when 3 days after they were here I was ready for them to go. All but them babies. They were sweet little ones. Kinda sad that children get caught up in some terrible things. But they are history and I could care less. I wanted a sister, but damn, I think I have lost friends that were better than it was for the brief time I had a sibling.
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opposite of december
11 May 2009 @ 09:46 am
Happy Mother's Day!! Well it was yesterday. It was great. Jeff cooked me and my sister turkey, dressing, pot, mac cheese, and rolls. Had us a cake, it was yummy. He got me a foot bath. Its awesome. Me and Emily plan to have a pedicure party tonite!!! Jeff's awesome, he rocks my socks.

My sister, Sharon, has been here for nearly a week, and she's awesome. I'm proud to say that she's my sister. Her and her dude, went with my posse this weekend. It was the first time that her and her baby daddy had ever been out together since thier children were born. I was glad to do it. It was so much fun. I havent had that much fun in a long time.

Kay has new bf. He seems pretty cool. She likes him so I guess thats what matters. Dont think I will ever be totally ok with her "dating" anyone. She made Color Guard. Im so proud. She's doing well.
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opposite of december
06 May 2009 @ 02:23 pm
Listen...do you hear that? Nothing, it is the sound of nothing. Well the sqweeky washer doesnt count.lol. But I'm home alone and what better time to reflect on the day. Yesterday Tiffany and I went to Chatt, and sold our books back to Chatt State. Then we went to goof around at some girlie spots, and shopped a bit. She's pretty cool. Very interesting thing yesterday though. My sister came down from Jackson, Tn, and she's staying. She's moving down here. She's been here a day and she's looked for a job, and is calling about getting a place to live. I talked to some ppl, and have found her a place to rent, and now we just have to work on getting her a job. She has 3 beautiful children. Jeremiah, Charisma, and Adrianna. She seems very cool. She does seem a little nervous to be here. Meeting new ppl is hard. Called my dad to see if he would help, and I think he's going to. They said that they couldnt a whole lot, but that they would. An effort is always appreciated in my book.

So make a long story short, my sister is here...cause I have a sister..haha..

Jeff has been awesome. He has been great with their kids, and is doing what he can to make them comfortable. He knows how much this means to me.

Everything happens for a reason, and when one door shuts another always opens.
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opposite of december
03 May 2009 @ 10:11 am
Sitting at home today,watching the cheeziest Nightmare on Elm St. Yea...wow..lol My Mom watched the boys this weekend. She wanted to, and they wanted to go, but the whole weekend she called and complained that she had no meds, no cigs, and no drinks. And frankly I can not afford them, not is it my place to buy them. I dont understand her, and never will. Shes been out of meds for 1 nite, 1 nite!! And she says shes going threw withdraws. Someone told me once that I would never understand because I have never been an addict. Well I really dont think she will ever understand how I feel because she's never been sober watching someone she loves go threw something like that. Expecially since my children are up there, her grandchildren, and she wont even get up and cook for them. Ethane said that he had cooked for her all weekend, and that she barely got out of bed. Thats not what grandparents are suppose to do. They are suppose to have cookies,, and bake,and plant flowers, and be cool. My children dont know what thats like. I cant stand it. When I have grandchildren I'm going to be the coolest. I know that I'm not the best parent,but I try to think that I have some coolness, and my babies enjoy being around me. But when I'm a grandmother their job is to rotten up the babies and send em home. I know that I can do that!!! hehe...

I have finals this week in school and I'm offically out for about a good 2 weeks. Then I start summer class. I just took one class so that I can get threw this class, and pass it. Geeez I hate Math!! Mr. Priv says make it your life, and then its over. Pretty good advice..I seem to be putting it last and its never going to be over with. I think I might throw it on top of my load and get it all over with.

My sister is moving down tomorrow...lil nervous. I hope I'm everything she expected. I hope that everything goes well, and I hope I can find them a place to stay, cause im sure living in a hotel suxxxxx!!!
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opposite of december
03 May 2009 @ 12:19 am
My sista...is moving to Jasper..I have a sister!! Woohoo...
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opposite of december
30 April 2009 @ 11:38 pm
Woooot!! Last day of school. I still have 2 finals next week but I should do fine, and then I will be done for the semester. I think I'm going to take a math class during the summer, but thats all. Just focus on that one class and get it over with. Made an A in my Comp II class, History I'm still waiting to see what I made in there, and math of course I'm retaking. I have had pretty rough semester this round, but I made it threw. Mom's doing much better. She actually remembers things that happened before her accident. Thats really awesome. Her settlement should be coming soon. She says she's going to build me a house on her land, so that we can move up there with her. I wish..but who knows.

Got txt from an old friend the other day. Was a little odd, havent heard from her in a while. Not that her intentions were to befriend me, I'm not sure if that was her intentions or not, but it was just odd to see her name on my phone again.

Life continues to bless me. I'm very thankful for everything in my life. I hope things continue to go well. The less drama, and stress the better!!!
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opposite of december
26 April 2009 @ 07:08 pm
Work is work...For those of you who know what thats like, work sux most days, but when its over...Its over!! Last nite when I got off work Jeff and I went out. We didnt just go out, we went out w/ a posse. It was me, Jeff, Tiffany, Jeffi, Bryan, Courtney, her man, Marty. We started off at the Lunchbox, and ended up at the Dangerzone. We had an awesome time. I think everyone was drunk accept me, Jeff, Jeffi, and Bryan. It was alot of fun. We all danced, and Courtney did kareoke(spl chk). But we really had a good time. Got home about 3 this morn...Jeff and I didnt go right to sleep. Things are def getting back to normal in all areas.

This morning was awesome. I got to sleep in late. Ethane made his brother some breakfast so I didnt even have to get up for that. Got up about 9:30-10 and started working on my paper. Took a nap, and got up made some stuff for a picnic and me Jeff and all them babies went to the lake and had picnic. We played around and goofed off, came home and just chilled. I cut the boys hair, it was looking ruf. They are tucked in their beds and Jeff and I are just chillin.

It has truly been an awesome day. I cant wait to see what tomorrow brings.
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opposite of december
25 April 2009 @ 09:57 pm
Was awesome! If you have never been, you should go at least once. Its amazing to see some of the events, and the drive that the individuals have there. That population ceases to amaze me.
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opposite of december
24 April 2009 @ 11:02 am
I have been sleeping really well. Today woke up w/ my baby girl on one side of me and my love on the other. Ethane brought his progress report home yesterdday and it was awesome. He had one kinda low grade but the rest were really good. His lil friend is coming over this weekend. I hope they have fun. Kay's got her a lil bf, at church no less. So thats a good, and yet a not so good thing. Jeff and I nearly never approve of a boy...at all..

Talked to mom already this morning..She sounded really good. I hope that continues, and I dont have to chain her to my spare room and clean her up...lol. Had a really good talk with my dad this week. He assured me that the route im taking in my life is the one that is right for me.

Little girl just came over and brought two lil kitties, kitties that arent even old enough to be away from their mommy, and left them. I couldnt just leave them outside. We got some milk, and some stuff to feed em w/ and we are going to attemp to nurse them back to health.

Things going well...I'm very thankful
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